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Summer Sale on All PTE & NAATI Courses

PTE Study Centre is giving 40% flat discount on all PTE and NAATI CCL courses during summer. You can get this attractive offer and utilize it for your upcoming PTE exam. We have the best PTE instructors and training materials. Our success shows the effectiveness of our unique training module.

About our PTE Courses

  1. We provide back-to-back live PTE training sessions every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m where our professional  trainers cover strategic lessons for 20 topics of PTE and rapid lessons on different skills that are essential for fast PTE preparation.
  2. Our expert PTE trainers give TWICE-DAILY Speaking Feedback with English Pronunciation Support. These feedbacks are part of our Speaking Content Recognition Training, a training pioneered by the PTE Study Centre. The sole purpose of this training is to ensure that you earn your Speaking Score as Fast as Possible.
  3. AIWAS Plus is an artificial intelligence system that automates PTE scoring. The main purpose is to provide you with a training platform with instant AI-based scoring with detailed feedback. All the generated feedback is also recorded intuitively and tracked for continuous progress.
  4. PTE Study Centre has excellent feedback on Facebook from successful PTE and NAATI CCL candidates. We’ve simply become a one-stop service for anybody looking for a professional training system and facilities for the PTE and NAATI CCL, whether on campus or online.

Why PTE Study Centre?

PTE Study Centre is the innovator of intensive PTE preparation program, PTE progress tracking system, and mentorship program.

We offer the best PTE course for PTE aspirants. We have industry professional PTE trainers. All our courses are designed by our TESOL/CELTA instructors.

We have developed the first AI based PTE training tool named AIWAS Plus, which is developed by the pioneer of professional training in Australia, PTE Study Centre.

Our Success Story

We have been helping numerous students in achieving their desired PTE & NAATI score Our research comes certified and successful. With the highest number of students scoring 90 and 79+ every year, the unique PTE success formula stands proven through the test of time. Our journey started from 2014 and so far we have helped 34000+ students where:

  • 1000+ students got 90 in PTE
  • 21000+ students got 79+ in PTE
  • 13000+ students got 65+ in PTE

We are also the number #1 NAATI CCL Professional Training Centre, NOT by claim, rather by well DOCUMENTED CONTINUOUS success. PTE Study Centre has a team of 40+ industry professionals under ONE institute to consistently monitor quality NAATI CCL training. This dedicated team of professionals ensures our NAATI-CCL students pass the test in the very first attempt.

So, if you are planning to sit for your PTE exam this summer, then avail this summer sale and utilize it properly. This summer sale is available for limited time only.

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