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Best Microphone Positioning in PTE Speaking

Best Microphone Positioning in PTE Speaking

The Speaking Module is one of the trickiest amongst the four PTE modules. Especially, for those who are not native English speakers. Many test-takers who don’t feel too confident with their speaking skills are apprehensive of the Speaking Module. How to get 90 in PTE Speaking is a matter of great concern for such test-takers.

As PTE Academic is a computer based test, success or failure heavily depends on the microphone positioning. During the PTE Academic test, each test taker is given a computer with a headset.

Microphone Positioning YT

Testing Your Microphone

test your microphone

Every test taker should test the microphone they will be using throughout the exam before starting the exam. If there are any technical problems with the mic, test takers must immediately notify the test center’s officials. It’s a bad idea to begin the exam without fully testing the microphone.

Thinking how to do it? Speak into the mic and listen to the audio to ensure that it accurately captures your words. Speak a entire sentence into the mic to see how it captures it for test purposes.  Make sure the mic isn’t picking up any breathing or background sounds. It’s a good idea to tweak it until you’re satisfied with the mic.

Ideal Microphone Positioning

PTE Mic Position

PTE Study Centre advices you to place your microphone parallel to your lips and place it 2 fingers width away from your mouth.

Common Microphone Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid placing the microphone directly in front of your mouth or putting your lips in contact with the microphone.
    Mistakes to Avoid 1
  • Not testing the mic properly before starting the exam.
    Mistakes to Avoid 2
  • Placing the mic right under the nose.
    Mistakes to Avoid 3
  • Touching the mic frequently with hand.
    Mistakes to Avoid 4

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