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PTE – Do’s and Don’ts

PTE – Do’s and Don’ts


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Most test-takers yet don’t know about the DOS & DONT’S of PTE exam. So, here are a set of tips that will help you to understand and overcome your mistakes and help you get your desired PTE score.

PTE Dos and Donts

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Read Aloud
    DO SPEAK in phrases with appropriate intonation
    DON’T REPEAT any words even if you make a mistake while reading
  • Repeat Sentence
    DO LISTEN in meaningful chunks
    DON’T INSERT or modify any words
  • Describe Image
    DO FOCUS on fluency more than content accuracy
    DON’T SIMPLY read aloud all the information given in the image
  • Re-Tell Lecture
    DO TAKE notes in the form of sentences or key phrases for higher content match
    DON’T HESITATE or mumble in your response
  • Answer Short Question
    DO REPLY with a short answer, not a full sentence
    DON’T GO silent for more than 3 seconds
  • Summarize Written Text
    DO READ the passage to identify the main ideas
    DON’T INCLUDE your own ideas about the topic
  • Write Essay
    DO ADDRESS all the keywords from the question prompt
    DON’T FORGET to revise your essay to identify typing errors
  • Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks
    DO READ the passage to understand the meaning
    DON’T BLINDLY select an option
  • Reading & Writing: Multiple Answer
    DO READ the question before you read the passage
    DON’T SELECT more than one option if you are not sure
  • Re-order Paragraph
    DO LOOK for keywords to find pairs
    DON’T SPEND too much time in finding out the first sentence of the text
  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks
    DO USE your grammar knowledge of Parts of Speech to increase the chances of getting the right answer
    DON’T LEAVE any blanks unanswered as there’s no negative scoring for choosing the wrong option
  • Reading MCQ: Single Answer
    DO READ the question before you read the passage
    DON’T SKIP the question
  • Summarize Spoken Text
    DO LISTEN to identify the main ideas and write them down
    DON’T MISQUOTE the topic
  • Listening MCQ: Multiple Answer
    DO READ the question & understand what exactly is asked before the audio starts
    DON’T LOSE track of time
  • Listening: Fill in the Blanks
    DO NOTE down the missing words on the given erasable notebook
    DON’T IGNORE the importance of spelling and capitalization
  • Highlight Correct Summary
    DO TAKE notes comprehensively, the same way you do for RL and SST
    DON’T READ the options before or while you are listening to the recording
  • Listening MCQ: Single Answer
    DO SKIM the options before the recording starts
    DON’T BLINDLY select an option
  • Select Missing Word
    DO TRY to understand the theme of the lecture
    DON’T SELECT an option based on collocation. This might be tricky
  • Highlight Incorrect Word
    DO LISTEN to every single word
    DON’T READ the text aloud while listening. This will distract you
  • Write from Dictation
    DO FOLLOW the oral sequencing of words in the recording
    DON’T FORGET to check for grammar and spelling


To sum up, follow these set of tips, clear all your doubts about PTE exam and get your desired PTE score QUICKLY and EASILY! Get your FREE expert consultation now!

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