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Rapid Mentorship Lessons Pack for Fast-track PTE Success

Rapid Mentorship Lessons Pack for Fast-track PTE Success

PTE Study Centre brings you Rapid Mentorship Lessons  Pack for Fast-track PTE Success. It’s just you and the trainer in a two hour session where you will be getting a customized study plan.

What’s in this Pack?

  • 2 x Two-hour Private Lessons: Complete 2-hour private lesson with one of our professional PTE trainer. It’s just you and the trainer, fully private lesson.
  • Unlimited Mock Tests: Unlimited access to our mock tests, as many as you need before your PTE exam.
  • Full Access to AI Question Bank: World’s best AI question bank’s access will be given.
  • Latest Video Lectures: All the video lectures access will be given for better practice.
  • 1-month Training Resources: All the training materials you need will be provided for 1 full month.

About this Pack

Firstly, you will be scheduled for two 2-hour private lessons with your trainer as part of this pack to expedite your PTE preparation. Secondly, these lessons could be utilized for review or to cover all the PTE knowledge needed to pass in the lowest amount of time.

Moreover, the trainers will personalize your training to meet your individual needs and objectives. Lastly, this bundle includes all essential training tools for free, including an AI-assisted training portal, unlimited mock tests, video courses, and an AI question bank.

About PTE Study Centre

  • Highest number of 65 and 79 in PTE since 2014: Proven by well-documented reports
  • Highly professional and immensely passionate trainers: TESOL/ CELTA qualified
  • Most effective training methodologies: Guaranteed to work in the fastest possible time
  • Incomparably comprehensive AI tools and platforms: Powered by PTE Portal and AIWAS Plus
  • Industry leader in innovation: Intensive PTE training, Mentorship program and Flipped Classroom model

To sum up, this rapid mentorship training session is available for limited time only. Sing up now and get the best use of it!

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