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Crack NAATI CCL Test in 30 Days

Crack NAATI CCL Test in 30 Days

Your language proficiency at a community level is evaluated by the Credentials Community Language Test, also known as the CCL Test. The Department of Home Affairs allows people who pass the NAATI Credentialed Community Language Test to claim Credentialed Community Language Points as part of several points-based VISA Applications (referred to Five Bonus Points). In conclusion, it is crucial to take the NAATI CCL test for PR.

Who is the Course for?

  • People who want to get extra 5 points for their Permanent Residency application
  • People who intend to take a CCL test and have a rough understanding about the test
  • University students who want to gain a better understanding about the test

Tips to Crack NAAT CCL in 30 Days

  • Take notes in English: Take the time to start writing your notes in English. The majority of us are more comfortable with English than LOTE since we use it more frequently throughout the day for things like sending SMS messages and chat messages. Therefore, taking notes quickly and efficiently will be simpler if you use English rather than the LOTE. Imagine taking notes in any LOTE—Hindi, Punjabi, etc.—using shorthand. If the tape you hear is in English, it should go without saying, but try to heed this advise even if the dialogue you just heard is in the LOTE.
  • Develop your shortcuts: Over time, compile your list of acronyms and shortcuts and practice using them to the point where you can use them to your advantage during the exam. Create acronyms for expressions and words that are frequently used.
  • Wait for the bell to interpret: This is a wise piece of advice. Be careful not to begin interpreting as soon as you hear the section. You will hear a chime at the conclusion of each part, which is your prompt to start speaking. Before interpreting, take 3-5 seconds to gather your thoughts. A lengthy break at the beginning should be avoided though, as you risk losing points.
  • Practice vocabularies: You should go through a lot of vocabularies to enrich your knowledge of that language. Do some common vocabularies and practice on the go.
  • Attend NAATI mock test: You should attend atleast one mock test before you sit for your final exam.

Why Choose Us for NAATI CCL?

  • Highest Number of languages
  • Instant Feedback and scoring
  • Quickest preparation time for success

NAATI CCL Languages That we Have

Arabic, BanglaBurmeseCantoneseFilipinoFrenchHindiIndonesianItalianKhmerMandarinNepali, Portuguese, Punjabi, Persian, Sinhalese, SpanishTeluguTamil, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese & more.

Our Course Details

  • Preparation Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Course Validity: 8 Weeks
  • Training Type: Small Group to Private
  • Fee: $595-$895 (Fee varies by language)

In conclusion, join us, get good score in your desired NAATI CCL test & get 5 points for your PR! At PTE Study Centre, Success is the only KPI we care about.


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