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Important Tips & Strategies for NAATI CCL

Important Tips & Strategies for NAATI CCL

NAATI CCL is a test that evaluates your ability in language translation and concisely give the translation into LOTE (language other than English) and English simultaneously. It is really tricky to use two languages at the same time and if you want to pass this test, you have to attain a set of skills and also learn about tips and strategies that you can implement for the test. In this article, we have curated some of the best tips and strategies that you can implement right away for NAATI CCL to ensure a good result.

Tips and strategies

  • Firstly, avoid omissions. When note-taking, there are always some information that you may omit. This is a crucial mistake which can cause you a significant loss of marks. Hence, it is very important to train hard enough for the note-taking segment and have a better accuracy, which will increase your marks by a huge margin.
  • Another thing to avoid is editing of the text which has already been delivered. Editing may lead to the information getting distorted and as a result, this may result into you losing scores. So, it is best to avoid editing of the text.
  • Grammatical errors are also a heavy mark deduction mistake which you have to avoid. Practicing grammar more and more will not only decrease your chances of making such mistakes, but it will also help you to attain a better score.
  • Be an active listener. Involving yourself in your dialogues will enhance your ability to map a specific segment much better, even when you are focused on note-taking.
  • Rather than focusing only on the note-taking practices with your dialogues, use a movie or a news clip from LOTE and use subtitles from that to improve your speed. This will help you to calm yourself during the test.
  • Practice not only the translations, but also the note-taking. Being able to take notes faster will help you a long way in your NAATI CCL test.
  • Practice mock tests as much as possible. This will help you deliver your answers swiftly that will help you maintain the pace and continuity. Having a positive impression on your examiner will drastically improve your NAATI CCL score.

Getting a better score in NAATI CCL is not a hard task. Keeping these tips and strategies in mind while practicing will certainly help you in this test. Be sure to follow us as well for more important updates on NAATI CCL.

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