11 students got 90 | 72 students got 79+ | 75 students got 65+

Rumors are like songbirds; they sound filling but make a poor feast. And many unsuccessful people have recently started spreading rumors that there are many changes coming in PTE test nowadays. But, frankly & honestly speaking, nothing changes in PTE test. Yes, one thing definitely changes, and that is the success rates of our students. By the grace of Almighty, every month hundreds of our students are getting their desired scores. So, just avoid those people who spread rumors because ALWAYS REMEMBER… Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

Happiness is that we have already passed another fantastic & successful month, March 2018. 72 students have attained 79+ (IELTS Band 8 ) by taking Special & Intensive PTE preparation coaching from our centre. It means that 72 students achieve 20 points for immigration, which must lead them to make their dream come true, Permanent Residence in Australia. However, more than 15 potential students have missed to score 79 because of lacking 2-3 points in 1-2 sections. We hope they must clear their PTE exam in April. We are the only PTE Preparation coaching centre in Australia having maximum number of 90s (IELTS Band 9) & 79s (IELTS Band 8 ), and our success stories are the testimonies of our phenomenal achievements. We have been regularly posting our all scores (only 79s) on our pages since we have started providing PTE preparation coaching. Not only did we post our students’ scorecards, but we also published regular video testimonies of our students. We always think why we need to post all success stories on our Facebook page & websites, and the answer we have found is, people believe in facts & figures before investing their hard-earned dollars and valuable time. It’s also a matter of faith & confidence that students can count on us.

For the last couple of months, we have been publishing our PTE success stories (only 79s) in a customized way because of Facebook marketing policy. But from now onwards, we are going to post the full scorecards, which may basket our marketing activities, yet it must make others understand how much we are devoted to our students to help them achieve 79 in PTE.

It’s a very common trend that most of our students are getting their desired scores in PTE within 1 month of preparation. If anyone have our newly developed PTE cheat codes, it’s very easy for them to attain more than 79 in PTE.

If you have already attained 70+ in PTE exam, you are very much potential to achieve 79+ as well. Apparently, you just need to follow all our strategies to secure your desired scores in PTE. We at PTE study centre are dedicated and committed to the ultimate success of our students, we never make tall claims or fake promises rather deliver with the success of our students.

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