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PTE Academic Updates: New Trial Questions Explained

PTE Academic Updates: New Trial Questions Explained

The PTE Academic test, a preferred English proficiency exam for students and professionals alike, is known for its dynamic and practical approach to assessing English language skills. From December 2023 to January 2024, PTE Academic is introducing trial questions in the Speaking section, marking an important update for test-takers.

Understanding the PTE Academic Trial Questions

What are the New Trial Questions?

During the specified period, candidates may encounter one or two new question types in the Speaking section. These questions are experimental and aim to assess how well they integrate into the test.

Why is PTE Trialing These Questions?

PTE is committed to continually evolving its assessment methods. The trial aims to gather data and understand the effectiveness of these new question formats.

Key Aspects of the Trial Questions

Similarity to Existing Questions:

The new questions will be similar to the current ones, testing the same set of English skills.


Importantly, these questions will not be scored. However, candidates are encouraged to attempt them as they would with scored questions to maintain the flow of the test.

Contribution to Research:

By attempting these questions, candidates contribute valuable data to PTE’s research in developing and refining their assessment tools.

Preparing for the Trial Questions

Do Candidates Need to Prepare Differently?

No specific preparation is needed for these trial questions. Candidates should continue focusing on their overall speaking abilities as these questions assess the same skills as the rest of the test.

Can These Questions be Skipped?

It is not recommended to skip these questions as doing so might disrupt the flow of the test-taking experience.

Impact on PTE Academic Test Structure

Temporary Nature:

This is a temporary measure for research purposes and does not indicate a permanent change in the PTE Academic test format.

Transparency During the Test:

PTE may or may not flag these questions during the test. Candidates should treat every question with equal seriousness.

PTE Academic’s introduction of trial questions reflects its dedication to maintaining a robust and relevant assessment. For candidates, this represents an opportunity to experience potentially new formats and contribute to the evolution of this globally recognized test.

Source: New trial questions for PTE Academic

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