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PTE Format is Changing Soon!

PTE Format is Changing Soon!

Pearson has already changed the Exam Format, have a look here.

Did you know that PTE Format is changing from 16th November?

PTE Format is changing from 16th November 2021. Pearson is relentlessly putting their efforts to improve and innovate its academic format from time to time. From this November 16th, we are updating PTE academic. PTE Academic research team continuously analyses and monitors PTE Academic test questions and performance that makes sure the test is running effectively. They’re always looking out for a way to make the test better. These changes will impact PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI.

pte changes

PTE Format changes

Based on the in-depth analysis by the team, PTE Academic has been reduced into “2 Hour” test with the very same accurate and reliable results. Which means now you’ve got even more time to focus on the other missions in your life than worrying about PTE tests!

Here is what is changing in PTE Format:

  • The two-hour test has all the important features that are accurate, secure and provides fast results.
  • Since the test time got shorter, the number of questions will reduce as well from 70-82 to 52-64.
  • The optional 10-minute break has been removed so that you can get the test done faster. So, remember to visit the restroom and grab a drink before your test!
  • There are no changes to the types of questions within PTE Academic. 
  • All 20 question types will still feature. Only the frequency of some will be reduced.
  • In PTE Academic you won’t get the minimum or a maximum number of questions but a number within the range. So, familiarize yourself with each of the 20 question types presented within the test by taking the PTE Academic online course.

PTE Update Changes

On Score Reports:

There have been some changes in the reports as well. The score reports have been redesigned and made more simple and clearer.

  • Your Overall and Communicative skill scores will still be visible, however enabling skill scores won’t appear any more on score reports from November 16th, 2021.
  •  From November 16th you will receive test feedback and support to your performance, which you can access only from your MyPTE account.

The changes to the timing of the test won’t affect the recognition of PTE Academic by accepting institutions such as governments for visa purposes.

So, if you are a PTE aspirant and looking to sit for your PTE exam, prepare with the new test format in our portal today! Our systems are New Format Ready!

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