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Tips to Score 90 in PTE Speaking

Tips to Score 90 in PTE Speaking

Scoring 90 in PTE speaking section is not that hard if you know the perfect drill for it. You might be worried since you didn’t get your desired PTE score in speaking section, but here are some tips how you can improve it to get 90.

Basic Tips:

  • Reading news articles with proper emphasis on the crucial word might help you practice speaking. We recommend that you listen to TED speeches and read their transcripts. Do this for a week or two at the very least. Please pay attention to how the author’s voice changes and how he emphasizes important terms.
  • Never mimic a native speaker’s accent. Your fluency and pronunciation marks will suffer as a result of this. The PTE machine can recognize accents from over 100 different languages.
  • When you’re speaking, act as if you’re attempting to get a message over to your colleague. Do not speak in a robotic manner.
  • If you pause for more than 3 seconds, the computer will stop recording. So don’t pause in the middle of the speech.

Improve Your Pronunciation

Pronunciation is really important in PTE speaking. You need to know the proper way of pronouncing words, or else your speaking score might get hampered. For that, the best way is to practice. You can easily practice speaking and improve your speaking in our AI Portal AIWAS Plus. This is the only AI platform that has speech and pitch detection technology, which guides you properly for your improvement in speaking.

Improve Your Fluency

Maintain a steady pace when speaking. Don’t speak too quickly because this will affect your pronunciation. When you see a comma or a full stop, take a fraction of a second to pause.

If you can maintain all these things, we assure you will get PTE 90 in speaking.

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