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Tips to ACE PTE Speaking

PTE Academic Test assesses your skills in four different English skills:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The speaking section has a variety of questions. If you prepare in the right way, it is the easiest section in your PTE exam.

Seven Tips for PTE Speaking

  • Be Confident: Foremost thing is to impress the Admission officer and to make a positive impact, show confidence in your speaking. You can achieve the same by speaking clearly and concentrating on your diction. Just relax, speak in your normal way and sound natural and confident. What ever you want to say should be conveyed clearly. This way you can achieve higher score and make a good impression.
  • Correct Grammar: Using wrong grammar or using slang can affect your score. Speak clearly and make use of correct grammar. Try not to use fancy words. Use the English you know with correct grammar.
  • Fluency: Fluency is the most important skill to ace speaking section of PTE, ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression. Even if you are not aware about the topic, don’t let your flow break. Keep speaking about what you know.
  • Speak Naturally: Make your voice audible by speaking at a good volume but keep your pitch normal. Speaking too low or in a hurry reflects your lack of confidence and that can impact your score.
  • Punctuation: Punctuation helps you to break the whole text into chunks. This way you can vary your pace, tone, and volume and won’t sound monotone. Use the punctuation as guided:
    – Small pause for a comma
    – Big pause for both colon, semicolon
    – Big pause for full stop
    – Small pause and start for single or double quotes
  • Time: Time is key to the speaking section of PTE. Completing your task before or well in time makes you score well. Keep going, even if you have made a mistake. Pausing for more than 3 seconds will stop the recording and you won’t be able to record again.
  • Clarity in Thoughts: Clarity in your thoughts gives a glimpse into the understanding and your thought process. By organizing your ideas logically you show your capability of understanding and it conveys your message without giving any mental strain and that is the key to score higher marks.

Follow these tips and you will be able to ace PTE Speaking quickly and easily. Book a FREE Consultation with one of our experts if you have any queries regarding the PTE exam. You can also practice PTE Speaking in on AI Portal AIWAS Plus.

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