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PTE Writing: Summarize Written Text Tips

PTE Writing: Summarize Written Text Tips

Most of the students find the PTE Summarize Written Text questions to be one of the most challenging parts of the PTE writing section. Many become daunted at having to condense a 200–250-word passage into just 70-75 words in under ten minutes. While it may seem like a daunting task, if they follow the guidance properly, it can become much easier. We have gathered some of the most important tips for Summarize Written Text in this article for you to excel in your PTE journey.

Summarize Written Text Tips

  • Find the most important sentences in the text and use them to create a summary. You don’t need to start with a sentence from the first paragraph – you can use any sentence from any paragraph.
  • Pay attention to important words or phrases. Construct a well-structured, accurate sentence with appropriate punctuation utilizing those specific words or phrases.
  • Do not spend your allocated number of words on providing examples, as you will not be credited for going over the word limit.
  • Using connectors, you can create a complex or compound sentence that gives a proper grammatical structure, thus making it more meaningful while being read.
  • Capitalize and punctuate appropriately, taking the sentence structure into consideration.
  • If the phrase is rephrased with alternate terms such as synonyms and antonyms instead of just copying from the section, it will likely gain a higher score.
  • Be sure to use the right grammar if you want to get a higher score. Limit yourself to a maximum of three commas, and make sure your punctuation is accurate. Rather than using words whose spelling you are unsure of, opt for simpler words.
  • Do not use slangs, short forms, contractions, or abbreviations, and use only academic words. Use synonyms whenever possible as it will increase your vocabulary points.
  • The writing style should be purely formal. There should be no punctuation, including full stops, at the end.
  • It is important to be concise in your response. Try to include at least 5-6 key points from the text in your answer.

While all of these tips will help you to achieve a high score, it is also very important to keep on practicing because if you do not practice enough, you will not be able to improve whether you follow these tips or not. Keep on practicing and be sure to follow us for more important PTE updates to help you in your PTE journey.

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