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Why Choose PTE over other English Tests?

Why Choose PTE over other English Tests?

Before being eligible for the visa they desire, students looking to study abroad, employees seeking overseas job opportunities, or those aspiring to migrate must pass an English proficiency test. There are many English proficiency exams like PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL that are specially designed to assess the English skills of international applicants who want to study in an English-speaking country. So, the question that we get asked a lot is, why choose PTE over all the other English tests? To answer to that question, we have made a list that will hopefully answer your question and give you a new insight on PTE.

  • Easier and quicker: It is easier to register for the PTE Academic online, as you can do it from the comfort of your home and don’t have to waste time queuing up or carrying around mandatory documents. The PTE results are also declared within five working days, so you don’t have to wait long to find out your score. The results can be sent electronically to any educational institution or workplace, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.
  • Unbiased scoring: PTE Academic is a computer-based test that is not influenced by any human intervention. The PTE scoring system is considered to be one of the most unbiased and impartial methods of marking because it is done by a computerized bot. If you practice with the PTE practice test and give the right answer, you will get full marks, which is easier to attain than other English tests like IELTS, that are evaluated by humans.
  • Better chances of getting a high score: Other English competency exams, like the IELTS, assess your skills in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening modules through five main questions, with each question evaluating for one particular module. So, if you are weak in reading (for example), you might lose all the marks in that section, which in turn would reduce your overall score, even if you perform well in other sections. The PTE practice test replicates the PTE questionnaire, which consists of 20 different types of questions, most of which give partial credit for two modules. So, even if you have difficulty reading the questions, you can still receive partial credit for listening or speaking. This is a significant advantage over IELTS because it is easier to make up for lost points during the test.
  • Ample opportunities with PTE practice test: PTE provides ample opportunities to help test takers reach their desired score for a particular section. By utilizing efficient strategies, online practice tests & mock tests, you can identify your strengths and use them to achieve a higher score in PTE Academic. PTE Academic is a tough exam, but it is easier than other English competency exams. If you use the right strategies and practice consistently, PTE could be the best option for your future plans.

Hopefully, with these insights, you will have an ample amount of knowledge on why you should choose PTE over other tests. Follow us for more important updates on PTE!

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