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Maximize Your PTE Success with Free Professional Advice: Expert Tips and Tricks

Maximize Your PTE Success with Free Professional Advice: Expert Tips and Tricks

Are you getting the right advice?

Are you sure you are getting the right PTE advice? Many PTE test takers are tricked by lucrative discounts, which makes them pay more than they need for their PTE preparation. Discounts or offers are not always the matter, getting the correct PTE advice from the correct mentor matters the most.

Get FREE Professional PTE Advice

Professional PTE Advice

PTE Study Centre is giving a completely free of charge honest, professional and systematic course advice method. We hope with this method we can save many PTE test takers from getting tricked or fooled into enrolling in long courses just to avail those cheeky big discounts.

At PTE Study Centre, we provide professional course advice without any hidden agenda. Our advisors have only one goal, which is to advise PTE test takers with a course plan which will allow them to secure their desired score the fastest way possible.

How our advisors do it

PTE Advising

An honest, professional and systematic course advice always guarantees you that you don’t pay more than you need to. Our course advisors assess the candidates’ skill set in order to provide them with a plan that is best suited for them. If you are a PTE candidate who has taken IELTS before, they would analyze scores in order to predict success possibilities with PTE. As per the score, the advisors utilize the training they receive from our senior Instructors in PTE, who is also with extensive experience in ESL and IELTS.

“If you want to save time and money, always seek advice from the industry professionals and only then enroll in any course plan. Don’t enroll in any Unlimited course just because there is an exciting 50% discount. You may only need 2 weeks to secure your PTE success and thus save even more” 

Importance of Professional PTE Training

What our advisors will look into

Please note, a professional PTE course advisor will always consider the following before advising a course plan- if they don’t, either they can’t or they don’t care:

  • Your target PTE score
  • Time you have till your next exam
  • Your previous test experience, IELTS or PTE (score report analysis)
  • An initial skill assessment of English competency
  • And in some cases, performance analysis by experienced PTE instructors

So, if you are looking for the perfect set of course advice, contact us now as we are offering FREE PTE course advice. Thus, you will find your FASTEST POSSIBLE PATHWAY to PTE SUCCESS!

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