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PTE Australia: Study, Work and Migration

PTE Australia: Study, Work and Migration

There have been an alarming number of queries regarding PTE for Australia and whether you will be able to study, work and migrate there with PTE. In this topic, we have selected some of the most asked questions regarding PTE and its opportunities in Australia and answered to these questions.

The Australian government requires that prospective immigrants take the Pearson Test for English (PTE) or the International English Language Test System (IELTS) in order to gauge their English proficiency. There are many visas one can apply for in order to obtain permanent residence in Australia, each with different requirements. It is therefore important to determine which English test will give you the best chance of fulfilling the requirements for the visa you are interested in. Here are some of the most asked questions and our thoughts on that.

Should I choose PTE or IELTS for Australia?


The PTE and IELTS tests both measure a person’s ability to integrate into Australian society. Australia has formally recognized the PTE test as an IELTS alternative. The PTE test is conducted on a computer in a room full of other applicants. During the speaking section, you interface with a computer screen, which can be distracting if you hear other people speaking during the test. The speaking section of the IELTS, however, is done with a real person in a private room, which some people may prefer over the other parts of the test.

The PTE test can be taken 365 days a year, while the IELTS test can only be written during specific session dates throughout the year. In addition, the PTE results are available in 5 workdays, while IELTS results take approximately 5-13 days. So, choosing PTE is also a great option for Australia.

If I choose PTE, how high do my PTE scores have to be to immigrate to Australia?

You need to obtain a minimum score on your PTE to be granted an Australian visa. The minimum score is set differently depending on which Australian visa you select. Work visas require a candidate to undergo an English proficiency test. Family-stream visas do not require you take the PTE to immigrate to Australia.

You need a PTE Academic score of 50 in each of the 4 test sections for the 3 visas under the Invited Pathways umbrella. These are:

  • visa 189
  • visa 190
  • visa 489

Some Australian immigration visas are based on a point system. You can gain 10 points by scoring a 65 or higher on all 4 parts of the test. You can gain 20 points by scoring a 79 or higher on all 4 parts of the test. To score high on your English test in Australia, you should know the test’s format and the kind of questions you could be asked.

Last but not least, preparation is key to a good exam score, even for native English speakers and reviewing sample tests is really beneficial.

Hope this article will give you clearer picture on PTE in Australia. Be sure to follow us for more important PTE updates.

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