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PTE Last Minute Tips for Getting the Highest Score

PTE Last Minute Tips for Getting the Highest Score

Nervousness before the PTE-A exam is a really common thing. You may think that you have prepared well enough for the exam, checked all the boxes with the right answer and yet as the exam date comes closer, you start to doubt yourself. You start to get a little shaky and from that moment, your confidence starts to shatter. In this case, we are here to tell you that you are not alone when it comes to a situation like this and moreover, there is a way to get out of it! We are here to give you the best last minute tips for getting the highest score.

This happens to most of the test-takers, even the best ones out there. But in order to get out of it, we have compiled some of the best and useful last-minute tips, curated by the experts, so you don’t have to doubt yourself ever again and give the best possible exam!

Last Minute Tips for Getting the Highest Score

  • Don’t focus on perfection:
    Last Minute Tips 1
    “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.”- Leo Tolstoy said it right. There is simply no way one can hope to have a perfect preparation for anything. Thinking about perfection will only hinder your ability to perform and make you doubt yourself.
    If you want to perform your best at the exam, just make the most out of your preparation. You don’t have to be perfect! Having faith in your abilities and your preparation will guide you to the best performance!
  • Practice smarter, not harder:
    Last Minute Tips 2
    Getting rid-off the overwhelming pressure of the test day can be daunting, only if you are not sticking to your practice routine. Don’t worry too much about the exam and keep on practicing as naturally as possible.
    Solving unique questions and starting with high weightage tasks in each module is also a smarter way to practice and a great confidence builder! You can also practice in our AI Portal AIWAS Plus for better understanding of the exam and to build enough confidence.
  • Checking your microphone before the test:
    Last Minute Tips 3
    So, you have made it to the exam hall! Great! Now don’t lose focus and do one of the most important things which is “checking your mic.” Be sure to check your microphone thoroughly and see if it is working fine or not. If you have any doubts, raise your hands and inform the test invigilator because you can’t request to change your microphone once the test begins.
  • Don’t get distracted:
    Last Minute Tips 4
    During the Speaking Module, the room tends to get very noisy as all candidates will be speaking loudly into their microphones. Don’t get distracted by it! Prepare yourself mentally, try to focus on your test and speak into the microphone confidently and loud enough so that the software may recognize your words.
  • Respect the clock:
    Last Minute Tips 5
    Time is a crucial part of the exam. Don’t lose track of time else you may have a disappointing test. Always keep an eye on the clock and plan ahead for how much time do you need for each module and always allocate extra time from one module to the other. Follow our time management card for more beneficial tips.
  • Be punctual:
    Last Minute Tips 6
    Being late on the test day is the last thing you’ll ever want. Not only you will have less time, but also have less confidence. Always double check the clock and be present at the venue right on time, if not earlier, to make sure everything is under control.

Getting high score in the PTE exam is not an easy thing but following these tips will surely help you! The rest is on you so, best of luck for your test!

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