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How to Take Notes More Effectively for NAATI CCL

How to Take Notes More Effectively for NAATI CCL

Language assessment test highly depends on not taking and it has always remained as a bigger challenge for students mostly because they do not know how to properly take notes. In this article, we have curated some important and helpful tips that will let you take notes much more effectively for NAATI CCL in an elaborative format.

  • First thing that you have to keep in mind is using proper tenses. You have to keep in mind of the tense the segment is delivered to you and not change it. For example, if the sentence is in past tense, you cannot change it to past continuous or past perfect. It has to stay in the tense it was delivered from. The examiner give you marks according to this important aspect of grammar. So, you have to keep it in your mind to answer in the same tense.
  • The language of your note is also a very important aspect of the test. Many students have the misconception that they need to take notes in the language the sentence is being said in. This is not entirely wrong. However, it is better to note down everything in English as there are some tests in which you have to translate everything into English. So, it is better to note down in English as it keeps your fluency intact throughout the exam.
  • One important thing to consider is to map the scenarios in your brain. Most of the students use all of their focus on writing, which makes it harder to understand later. This can create tons of confusion. Mapping will help you to keep minor details in mind, which you can translate into more accurate notes later on.
  • Usually when you are taking notes, you feel like rushing as it is obvious to think that you might not be able to note down all the things. But in this hectic scenario, you have to keep in mind that your handwriting matters as well. You do not necessarily want to feel like you wrote everything down only to find out that you can’t even read your own handwriting. Take your time and write slowly. You may think that you are saving your time by writing fast but if you can’t read what you are writing, you will be wasting all of your time.

Note-taking is an important part of NAATI CCL and if you know how to take notes properly and more effectively, it will help you in the long run. Hopefully with these tips, you will be able to improve your NAATI CCL preparation. Be sure to follow us for more important updates about NAATI CCL.

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