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Important Tips for PTE Read Aloud

Important Tips for PTE Read Aloud

Read Aloud exercise is one of the most important sections of the PTE exam. This step comes right after your Personal Introduction. During this part, you will be presented with a text of up to 60 words on the screen, which as the name of the test suggests, you will need to read aloud. Many participants have expressed their fear regarding this topic but we are here to give you some important tips that are going to help you a long way in your PTE journey and make the Read Aloud section a lot easier for you. Here are some important tips for PTE Read Aloud:

  • During your preparation time, split the text into meaningful chunks of words, using punctuation as a guide.
  • Make sure you speak clearly and not too quickly or slowly.
  • If you speak too quickly, you might omit words or mispronounce them, and each mistake will count as an error. So, avoid speaking too quickly.
  • You should read contractions as they are, for example- do not read “can’t” as “cannot”.
  • When you come across punctuation marks, pause slightly. A full stop should be followed by a slightly longer pause than a comma.
  • Do not confuse singular and plural nouns when you are speaking. If you pronounce the word “girl” as “girls” or “houses” as “house,” that will be considered a mistake.
  • Read numerical values correctly, for example- read “the 1960s” as “the nineteen sixties”.
  • Use a rising intonation at the beginning of each sentence, and a falling intonation at the end of each sentence to make a distinction between them.
  • Speak more loudly when you emphasize key words in a text. These keywords will be related to the main idea of the whole text.

Score in the Read Aloud section is evaluated according to some ideas. These are: Content; Oral fluency & Pronunciation. With these things in mind, we have also prepared a way for you to practice and improve your skills in PTE Read Aloud.

  • The best way to improve your reading aloud skills is to read aloud every day. This can be anything from a newspaper or magazine, to a novel or online articles.
  • Find a place where you can be alone and won’t be interrupted by others. Start reading out loud. A newspaper or magazine is good for this so you can use a pen to highlight important words and syllables.
  • Use your phone to record yourself reading aloud, and then listen to the recording. This will help you to identify any errors you may be making, such as omitting words.

Hopefully with these tips, you will have a much better preparation for the PTE Read Aloud and be sure to follow us for more important tips regarding PTE exam.

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