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It’s Easier to Get Good Score in Speaking and Reading through Read Aloud

It’s Easier to Get Good Score in Speaking and Reading through Read Aloud

First Let’s See What PTE Read Aloud is!!!

For this item type, you need to read a written text aloud. This segment is connected with PTE speaking and reading.

Firstly, in the recording box, a countdown will appear until the microphone opens. You have to read the text and prepare within 30-40 seconds. After that, you will get an audio signal, after which you will have to begin speaking straight away. Bear in mind, you should speak after the microphone opens.

Some Important Factors of Read Aloud

  • Content: Does your response include all the words that contain the reading text?
    The number of correct words in your response determines the content score. Word substitutions, insertions, and omissions will affect your score.
  • Oral fluency: Do you have a smooth, easy, and natural tempo of speech in your response?
    Your oral fluency will be scored if your rhythm, phrasing, and emphasis are seamless. With proper phrasing, the finest replies are delivered at a steady and natural rhythm. If you hesitate, repeat, or make incorrect starts, your score will be lowered.
  • Pronunciation: Does your response indicate your ability to produce speech sounds similarly to most native speakers of the language?
    Majority of native speakers should understand your speech easily. The top replies have native-like vowels and consonants, as well as appropriately stressed sentences and phrases. A native speaker of the language should be able to comprehend the responses right away.
    PTE Academic acknowledges regional and national variations of English pronunciation to the extent that they are comprehensible to the majority of native English speakers.

How it Makes Speaking & Reading Score Easier

Compared to speaking questions on any English proficiency test, read aloud questions on the PTE are significantly simpler. Despite being the simplest question type, the Read Aloud question type has a significant impact on the Speaking and Reading score. This makes it easier for test takers to perform well on even the easiest task on English proficiency exams.

Some Important Points to Follow:

  • You should speak clearly and slowly
  • Finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. The display will change from “Recording” to “Completed”.
  • You only have one chance to record your response

Now You Must be Thinking of some Tips & Tricks to Crack PTE Read Aloud Easily!!

  • Before the microphone goes on, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the text
  • Before speaking, chunk the material by dividing it at punctuation marks
  • Choose a few keywords to emphasize
  • Just to set the mood, read some basic text aloud
  • As soon as the microphone opens, begin reading
  • Don’t take too many breaks while reading the content
  • Adjust your voice’s pitch & speed as necessary

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