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Professional NAATI CCL Training | 31+ Languages

Professional NAATI CCL Training | 31+ Languages

What is NAATI CCL?

CCL, Credentialed Community Language, is an exam that permits candidates seeking permanent residency in Australia to get extra points by testing their language skills at the community level.

Who is the Course for?

As a part of certain points-based VISA Applications made by the Department of Home Affairs, individuals who pass the NAATI Credentialled Community Language Test can claim Credentialed Community Language Points (referred to Five Bonus Points). To sum up, the NAATI CCL test is mainly for – 1) People who are seeking Permanent Residency, 2) People who intend to take a CCL test but does not have complete understanding about it, 3) Students who want to gain better knowledge and language skills.

How many Languages do We have?

Aspirants will be able to take the NAATI CCL test in 31+ languages courses which includes-

Meet the Team

PTE Study Centre has the best trainers for maximum number of NAATI CCL languages in Australia. Our trainers are highly experienced and will provide you with the best NAATI CCL training materials.

NAATI CCL Trainers

Why Choose Us?

NAATI CCL assesses a candidate’s ability to transfer conversational context from English to other languages, LOTE (Language Other Than English), as well as from LOTE to English. To overcome the struggle of communicating in a different language in a different country, one must acquire necessary language skills. In this case, PTE Study Centre has been continually receiving 100% positive reviews on Facebook from successful PTE & NAATI CCL students. We have simply become a Go-To place for anyone seeking a professional training system and facilities for PTE and NAATI CCL, on Campus or Online.

We are also the number #1 NAATI CCL Training Centre, NOT by claim, rather by well DOCUMENTED CONTINUOUS success. Furthermore, we have a team of 40+ industry professionals under ONE institute to consistently monitor quality NAATI CCL training. This dedicated team of professionals ensures our NAATI CCL students pass the test in the very first attempt.

All NAATI Success YT

Our NAATI CCL course are:

  • Conducted in private or small group
  • For students with the goal of first-time success
  • Risk-free preparation framework
  • With exclusive materials
  • Taken with personalized attention
  • Mock Test and feedback included

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