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Worried About PTE Listening: Write from Dictation? Here Are Some Useful Tips and Tricks

Worried About PTE Listening: Write from Dictation? Here Are Some Useful Tips and Tricks

The PTE listening – “write from dictation” section can be difficult for beginner to advanced PTE takers, however, with proper preparation and the right techniques, it can become much easier and faster. In this blog, we have put together some of the most useful tips and techniques that can help you ace the PTE write from dictation section and ensure a high score.

  • Listen carefully and accurately

The key to performing well in the write from dictation section is to understand the audio clip. Make sure to listen carefully and understand the content properly, as you’ll be expected to write it down accurately. If you don’t understand the audio, you can’t move on to the next step.

  • Take notes

Once you understand the audio, it is wise to take few notes about the key points if you don’t have much time. Make sure to listen to the audio more than once to understand what is being said.

  • Pay attention to the punctuation

This is the most common mistake that many aspiring PTE test-takers make. They are not paying attention to the punctuation marks. Paying attention to the punctuation marks is as essential as listening to the audio clip.

  • Write as you listen

Once you are done taking notes, it’s time to start writing the passage. Write your words and make sure to use the correct punctuation. Don’t pause the audio clip to think and write the passage. Writing as you listen can help you save time and allows you to maintain the flow of the passage.

  • Review and correct

Once you are done writing the passage, take a moment to review it. Make sure that every word that you wrote is accurate and done grammatically correct.

These are some of the most useful tips and tricks that you can use to ace the PTE listening – write from dictations test. You can try our AI Portal AIWAS Plus for online practice. If you want to get perfect scores in the PTE exam, make sure to follow the tips mentioned in this blog and follow us for more important updates regarding PTE.

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