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Mastering the PTE Exam: Top Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Score of 79+

Mastering the PTE Exam: Top Tips and Tricks to Achieve a Score of 79+

Scoring 79+ in PTE Examination is comparatively harder than getting anything between 50-65, but it is not impossible. It is everyone’s dream to score the highest and we are here to tell you that we have some tricks up our sleeves that will help you to achieve your desired score!

  • Familiarize with the PTE Test Format:
    Familiarize with the PTE Test Format
    Before we get started on the tips and tricks, we have to inform you that it is very important for every PTE participant to understand the exam pattern properly and have proper knowledge on the structure. Each section of the exam has its own structure and format and having a clear picture of it before heading into the exam hall will help you to get the highest score. With that out of the way, let’s focus on the tips and tricks!
  • Practice Makes Perfect:
    Practice Makes Perfect
    We have all heard it like a million times but there is no denying it. Practice makes everything better, especially when it comes to PTE exams. Practice each and every single section accordingly and you are guaranteed a better result.
  • Utilize Mock Tests:
    Utilize Mock Tests
    If you are aiming to get 79+ score in PTE, you have to utilize mock tests. Mock tests are easily the best way to boost your confidence and elevate your skill level in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible and learn from them. Make it a routine and you are guaranteed a better result. You can practice mock tests easily in our AI portal AIWAS Plus.
  • Practice Each Segment:
    PTE Tips & Tricks 4
    There are other ways to practice for the PTE exam sections, for example, “describe images” require excellent listening and observational skills. You can easily improve these skills by listening to news. If you are looking to score 79+, there is no shortcut! Practice each and every segment as no matter how small they are, they all carry marks. But our advice would be to have a priority list, so you can focus more on the topics that carries more marks. If you have missed our latest blog post on priority, head over here right now and grab a free copy of PTE Decision Flow Chart.
  • Time is Key:
    PTE Tips & Tricks 5
    Time is by far the biggest nightmare for most of the students. If you are able to allocate time properly, your exam will instantly be easier! At our PTE study center, we have everything sorted out, so you don’t have to.

Scoring 79+ in PTE exam is no easy feat but with proper knowledge and practice, it is certainly attainable. Be sure to identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus more on them and as always, we are here to provide feedback for any queries you may have regarding anything. Keep up the practice and you will surely achieve success!

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