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PTE Topic Overview: Essay

PTE Topic Overview: Essay

How to answer this question type

You must prepare a 200–300 word argumentative essay in response to a prompt for this item type.
You have to finish writing your essay within 20 minutes.

The word counter at the bottom of the screen keeps track of how many words you’ve typed. Make sure you write at least 200 words and no more than 300.

You may also use the cut, copy, and paste tools to help you compose your response.

Some Tips:

  • Start by analyzing and finding what point you should focus on
  • Analyze the essay prompt to choose how to respond

Essay – Scoring Mechanism:

Your ability to create a persuasive or argumentative essay on a certain topic will be used to evaluate your response on Write Essay. Your grade is determined by seven factors:

  • Content:Does your response depict the topic?
    Firstlt, Content is graded by analyzing if your response covers all elements of the issue. The relevance of the information, examples, and explanations provided to support your point of view is also evaluated. Secondly, you will not obtain any score points for your essay on any of the seven elements if it does not touch the topic. Thirdly, your essay will receive a zero grade. The best replies stay on topic, provide logical and clear information, and respond to all of the questions. Finally, they also support their claims with details, examples, and/or explanations.
  • Development, structure and coherence: Does your response indicate good development of ideas and a logical structure?
    The organization of your response is used to grade development, structure, and coherence. A well-crafted answer follows a logical organizational structure, links concepts, and explains how they are linked. The greatest replies include several paragraphs and a clear introduction, body, and conclusion that are all related to the essay’s theme. Ideas are clearly expressed and supported by facts, illustrations, and/or explanations inside paragraphs. There are no sudden transitions between paragraphs.
  • Grammar: Does your response express accurate use of grammar?
    Grammar is graded by analyzing if the sentence’s basic structure is proper. The main clause and subordinate clause are generally consistent in the best replies.
  • Vocabulary: Does your response maintain the correct and appropriate choice of words?
    Vocabulary is scored on its relevance to the passage and its suitability for use in an academic setting. The usage of synonyms correctly is also graded. The best replies use passage terms correctly, indicate context awareness, and successfully use synonyms to show variation in language use

Some Notes:

  • The appropriateness of the words in your response determines whether your response is right or wrong. No credit is provided if you don’t respond or if you respond incorrectly
  • This question type does not put your listening and speaking abilities to the test
  • This question type does not put your writing abilities to the test, and your reading skills are simply utilized to read the instructions.
  • Download the Score Guide for additional details.
  • You can also practice this question type in our AI Portal-AIWAS Plus.


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