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PTE Test: A Brief Introduction to Reading

PTE Test: A Brief Introduction to Reading

The second part of the PTE exam is designed to test your reading skills. This part will about 32 to 41 minutes and it contains 15 to 20 questions. As PTE Academic is an integrated skill set test, one sort of question type will also assess the writing skills.

There are five types of questions in PTE Reading section. A brief introduction to these sections are given below.

  • Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer: The first question type is Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer. It tests your reading skills. A text prompt will be given, with possible response options. Only one is correct. You get 1 point for correct answers and 0 points for incorrect answers.
  • Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answer: This question type tests your reading skills. In it, you will be given a text prompt of up to 300 words. You will need to answer the question by selecting the most suitable responses from the list of options, based on the content or tone of the text. For each correct answer you will earn 1 point, however, you will also lose one point for each incorrect answer. Negative markings are not possible in this section.
  • Re-order Paragraphs: In this section, you will be provided with a text prompt of up to 50 words along with some text boxes on the screen in a random order. You have to read the paragraph, then drag and drop or to re-order your responses in the correct order. If you place the sentences in the correct order, you will earn 1 point. If the whole paragraph is in the correct order, you will earn full marks.
  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks: The fourth question type on the test will be Reading: Fill in the Blanks. You will have to do 4-5 of these questions. For this question, you will be given a text with 3-5 words missing. You will need to select a single correct answer to fill the blank from the given words. For every blank you fill in correctly, you’ll earn 1 point.
  • Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks: This last question type tests both your reading and writing skills. You’ll need to use both skills together in this question type. In this section, you will see a text with up to 80 words and 5 blanks. Complete the question by selecting one of the five options in each drop-down list. For every blank space filled in correctly, you will earn 1 point.

PTE exam for first-timers can be pretty daunting, but hopefully with these introductions, you will have a better understanding of the question format. Be sure to follow us for all about PTE and elevate your PTE journey.

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