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PTE Speaking: Important Tips for Repeat Sentence

PTE Speaking: Important Tips for Repeat Sentence

It is easier to score higher in PTE than IELTS because PTE is a fully automated computer-based test. Although it may appear simple, the repeat sentence task of the speaking section of PTE is a challenge for almost every non-native student. During this module, the examinee must replicate the sentence precisely as it was uttered by the speaker. This can be hard as the sentence limit can exceed 7 to 8 words, making it difficult to remember. As human beings have a short-term memory capacity of approximately 7 small pieces of data at once; this is not easy to master. It is significant to understand the task is not just about articulation and fluency, it is also about memory. Even so, pronunciation and fluency will earn more marks than content.

The scoring for Repeat Sentence of PTE Speaking depends on content, fluency and pronunciation where the sections carry 3 marks, 5 marks and 5 marks respectively. In this article, we have compiled a list of important tips which if followed properly, will ensure a higher score in your Repeat Sentence segment.

Important Tips for Repeat Sentence:

  • Keep the sequence of the words intact. You should try to keep the order of the words as close to the audio as possible. It is alright to re-order a few sentences as you will still be able to get good marks but do not re-order your keywords too much as it may lead to having a bad result.
  • Use the chunking method. It is especially advisable for long sentences. You can split your sentences into two or three sentences, depending on the sentence size and do not let it affect your fluency.
  • Rather than imitating the accent, imitate the intonation of the speaker. It is very important to follow the same intonation, where the speaker uses stressed and unstressed syllables and to not get lost while trying to imitate accent.
  • Use a clear voice and pronounce the words accurately. Be sure to pronounce the words in a way which is understandable by regular people. Try to pronounce the past tense, plurals, vowels and consonants properly.
  • Keep on practicing. There are tons of ways to improve in the Repeat Sentence module but through our research, we have found that the most effective way is to listen to podcast, audiobook, radio or television. It is easily the best way to improve as you will get to experience how a native speaker uses their intonations properly. Practice doing this everyday for 30 minutes and you will improve at a huge margin.

Repeat sentence may feel like a daunting task for most but as long as you follow our tips, you will do more than fine in your PTE exams. Be sure to follow us for more important PTE updates.

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