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PTE Scored Mock Test by PTE Study Centre

PTE Scored Mock Test by PTE Study Centre

What is PTE Scored Mock Test?

The PTE scored mock test is a replica version of Pearson’s actual test. It’s designed to either predict or give you a perfect understanding of the test format. Once you attempt this mock test in a system such as AIWAS Plus, the application will try to give you the proximate score that you would get if you had given the real exam on the day.

What does it have?

Our mock test report has 4 parts:
  • Mock Report – Near Perfect Simulation
  • Topic-wise Stat Report – 1 of A Kind
  • Study Plan Based on Mock Performance
  • In-depth Analysis – Truly Valuable

Why you should take a mock test in the AIWAS Plus?

  • Built to predict score reliably
  • Developed through years of experience to provide perfectly tailored advice
  • Ornately built speech recognizer to replicate PTE speaking scoring algorithm

So, Signup now for FREE!!

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