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PTE Mixed Mode Bootcamp

PTE Mixed Mode Bootcamp

First-ever PTE BOOTCAMP was introduced by PTE Study Centre. This Bootcamp was held both online and on-campus for 3 days. It was conducted by industry professional PTE trainers. This one-of-a-kind mixed-mode training is designed to help you build your PTE skills fast with the help of our intensive training methods. Its aim was to cut one’s PTE preparation in half.

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What is a PTE Bootcamp?

A PTE Bootcamp is a type of group program that is conducted by professional PTE trainers to provide you with intense training for your PTE preparation.

What is in this Bootcamp?

This Bootcamp was conducted by our industry professional PTE trainers to help you with your PTE preparation. Here they will provide you with Intensive Training Method that will build your PTE skills FAST.

Bootcamp Day 1

Day 01 (Session 1):

  • Mock Test A (Self Reflection): Students were asked to give a full-length mock test at our LAB as a warmup session and to document their PTE progress on campus.
  • Confidence Tracker: Here students were asked to check what their confidence level is through our online portal. Based on their confidence level they were guided by our professional PTE trainers and given a custom study plan.

Day 01 (Session 2):

  • Pronunciation Test: ATIQ, Senior PTE trainer and phonetics expert took a session with all the Bootcamp attendees and guided them with power pronunciation skills to improve their speaking.

Bootcamp Day 2

Day 02 (Session 1):

  • PTE Bootcamp Grammar: Students were guided by our 2 skilled PTE instructors, giving them the grammar knowledge they need for their PTE exam ahead.

Day 02 (Session 2):

  • Re-order Paragraphs (Pair Work): Students were given the task to re-order paragraphs in pairs as a team. Instructors then guided them and provided necessary feedback on their work.

Day 02 (Session 3):

  • Write Essay: Students were guided with tips and tricks to write essays.

Day 02 (Session 4):

  • Repeat Sentence: In this session, students practiced “Repeat Sentence” topic all together with the instructors.
  • Short Term Memory Building
    – Practice: ATIQ, Senior PTE trainer and phonetics expert taught them how to increase short term memory
    – Exercise: Students then practiced on their own and instructors examined them properly. Thus they gained confidence in short-term memory building.
  • Write from Dictation (Note Taking): ATIQ, Senior PTE trainer and phonetics expert demonstrated live online during the Bootcamp, how to take notes for “Write from Dictation” topic

Day 03:

  • Mock Test B
    – Self-Practice: After 2 days of training sessions, students gave their full-length mock test again in our LAB to document their current PTE progress.
    – One-on-One Feedback (on-campus and online): One-on-One feedbacks were provided to all the Bootcamp attendees both online and on-campus.
  • Special Online Zone (One-on-One Feedback): Special online feedback sessions were also helped with our senior PTE instructor ATIQ Khan.

Join our next PTE Bootcamp session and prepare for your upcoming PTE exam QUICKLY and EASILY!

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