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PTE Made Easy: Essay Writing Template

PTE Made Easy: Essay Writing Template

Essay writing is not an easy feat. Even the native speakers struggle with essay writing and in all honesty, it can be a bit tough but it does not have to be. We are here to give you some very important tips and strategies along with a template that you can use right away to develop all the skills you need for essay writing.

Tips for Writing a PTE Essay

  • Simplify your writing: The longer and more complex your sentences are, the harder it will be for you to write. Try to simplify your writing as much as possible, otherwise, you are more likely to make grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Providing a clear message through your writing should be your primary focus. Luckily, we have just the perfect template for you that you can implement into your practice and elevate your writing skills.
  • Planning ahead: Planning ahead is by far one of the most overlooked tricks to improve your essay writing. You can start writing as soon as you see the topic but if you don’t have everything organized and planned beforehand, you may need to adjust and plan everything mid-way, which is something you don’t want. Our suggestion is to take five minutes before starting and use that time to write down the points that you’d like to include. This will make your writing process way easier.
  • Utilizing a template: Many candidates have asked for a template for their PTE exams. We heard you loud and clear and through intensive research, we have made the perfect template which you can utilize to get the best score. With all that aside, here is the template.


The (importance/effect) of TOPIC/PROBLEM, which was always debatable, has now become more controversial. It can be strongly agreed upon to the fact that this matter has some convincing arguments, despite the contentions about it. This essay will discuss how IDEA 1/REASON and how IDEA 2/SOLUTION and thus will lead to a reasoned conclusion.

At the outset, there are numerous reasons (why/ how) TOPIC/SUB-TOPIC 1/PROBLEM has some negative aspects, but the most alarming one lies in the fact that IDEA 1/REASON, and this can be a contributing factor to EXPLANATION. For instance, research in this area invariably shows that EXAMPLE. For this reason, negative impacts of TOPIC/SUB-TOPIC 1/PROBLEM should not be ignored.

Nevertheless, some people tend to believe that TOPIC/SUB-TOPIC 2/PROBLEM can be addressed with some positive facets as well. However, the most predominant one stems from the fact that IDEA 2/SOLUTION, which is not only beneficial but also necessary. As an illustration, findings of some studies reveal that EXAMPLE. Therefore, importance of TOPIC/SUB-TOPIC 2/ SOLUTION is undeniable.

After analyzing the above discussion, it can be concluded that the impact of TOPIC/PROBLEM is significant, although the given (negative effects/ solution) should not be overlooked.

Hopefully, with these tips and the template we provided, you will be less overwhelmed by essay writing and have a great preparation for the PTE exams. Be sure to follow us for more important PTE exam updates. You can also practice write essay in our AI Portal AIWAS Plus.

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