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Mastering PTE Listening and Writing: Top Secrets to Scoring 90 and Above

Mastering PTE Listening and Writing: Top Secrets to Scoring 90 and Above

Tips to Score 90

There are many students who are scoring well in other sections besides the Listening section just because they don’t know the secret tips of PTE. To get 79+ in the listening section, you need to do well on particular questions in PTE, such as Write from Dictation, Summarize Spoken Text, Repeat Sentence, Retell Lecture, and Fill in the Blanks.

To understand why most of the students lose marks in the Listening section, it is necessary to determine what level of language skills one has. Many students struggle in the Listening section because of the unfamiliarity of accents. It is challenging for native speakers to follow a conversation when the pronunciations of the words differ from their language standards. As a result, they manage to fail to recognize a word they already know. Other than that, the varied speed of the speaker’s tone and the background music also makes it hard to do well in this section.

However, there are some secret tips to score 90 in PTE Listening & Writing.

Summarize Spoken Text:

Summarize Spoken Text

In this topic, an audio lecture of 60-90 seconds is played and one needs to summarize the key contents of the lecture and write a summary of 50-70 words. There will be 2-3 questions and in total 10 minutes will be given to complete each summary.

It is difficult for most students to catch the content and many students even skip this because of not understanding the context of it.


  • Understanding the basic concept of the content. The content is always going to be Nouns, Verbs, and Noun phrases.
  • Capturing the contents as they are.
  • Prioritizing the content that is based on repetitions. It’s seen that bigger words are most of the time the right content.
  • While structuring the summary, it is important to prioritize the content itself rather than context. If it’s grammatically correct, the computer will provide the best score as computers can’t comprehend contexts.

Note-taking Strategy

  • Taking notes in an organized manner is important. It helps to prioritize the content and provides an understanding of the context.
  • Prevent from writing as bullet points. It can get difficult for a person to differentiate Auxiliary content from the main content. The focus should be on the main content as Auxiliary content contains no marks.

Follow these secret tips to score 90 and you’ll be ready in no time and secure 90 points! You can also try our AI portal AIWAS Plus for online PTE practice. Contact us for more PTE support!

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