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The Definitive Guide to Understanding the Difficulty Level of PTE and IELTS

The Definitive Guide to Understanding the Difficulty Level of PTE and IELTS

If you’re looking to study abroad or move to a new country, you’ll need to assess the English proficiency of applicants. Most countries either require candidates to take the PTE Academic test or the IELTS. But the most recurring question that we get from our students is: which one is easier? In this article, we have provided a brief overview of both of the exams along with a conclusion of which one is easier. Let’s have a look at the PTE vs. IELTS differences.PTE vs. IELTS 1

The short answer is the PTE Academic, a computer-based English language assessment that is becoming increasingly popular among international students and visa applicants. The PTE Academic test is favored for many reasons, not the least of which is its ease of use.


To understand why the PTE Academic is easier than the IELTS, it’s important to compare the two tests. The PTE Academic is composed of only two sections: Reading and Writing. The IELTS, on the other hand, consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. This means that the IELTS isn’t only testing one’s language proficiency, but also the ability to understand spoken English and to converse in a foreign language.


Another way in which the PTE Academic is easier than the IELTS is the test length. The PTE Academic is only three hours long, while the IELTS is four hours long. This not only saves time, but also the stress of having to sit for a longer test. Additionally, the PTE Academic test results are available within five business days, while the IELTS test results take up to three weeks.


The PTE Academic also offers several features that make it more user-friendly than the IELTS. For instance, the PTE Academic test has fewer questions and offers instant feedback with scores for each section. It also features an interactive speaking component that enables candidates to speak directly into the microphone, enabling them to gauge their progress in real time.


Finally, the PTE Academic offers a much more varied test format than the IELTS, which allows candidates to adapt more easily. For instance, the PTE Academic includes open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions, whereas the IELTS is composed of only multiple-choice questions. In addition, the PTE Academic also offers a range of real-world tasks such as writing emails, responding to conversations, and summarizing long texts.


In conclusion, the PTE Academic is clearly easier than the IELTS. Not only does it require less time to complete, but it also offers a more interactive and varied format that allows for better adaptability. Additionally, the PTE Academic provides instant feedback and scores for each section, allowing for a detailed analysis of their performance. Therefore, when it comes to assessing your English language proficiency, the PTE Academic is certainly the simpler and more convenient choice. Be sure to follow us for more information regarding PTE. You can also tryout our AI portal AIWAS Plus for PTE prepartion.

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