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PTE Essay: Should You Use Linking Words?

PTE Essay: Should You Use Linking Words?

Linking words or Connectors is used to connect ideas sentences in a clear and logical way and to be able to use it in PTE Essay will get you a excellent score. So, the answer to should you be using Linking Words is a resounding ‘yes’. But an even bigger question remains: when should you be using them? To answer to that, we have listed a few things down below that will give you a clear idea as to when you should be using Linking Words.

  • Listing words: Include list words in your paragraphs to indicate the order of your points. For example- use firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, lastly etc. to link your sentences for a better structure.
  • Adding more information: Use linking words to inform the reader that you are about to add more information. The words that you can use for this situation are: furthermore; moreover; additionally/in addition to; apart from; besides; also etc.
  • Showing results: You can use these certain words that can explain the consequences or results of something: consequently; therefore; as a result; hence; for this reason etc.
  • Highlighting or emphasizing: Use these words to emphasize specific points or highlight certain scenarios and give them a precise meaning- clearly; obviously; of course; particularly; especially etc.
  • Giving examples: To demonstrate something through examples, you can use linking words. Some of these are- for example; for instance; such as; to illustrate; an obvious example is etc.
  • Giving your opinion: Whenever you want to give your opinion on a certain thing, you can use these linking words- in my opinion; in my view; I believe; I think etc.
  • Expressing difference and contrast: Use these when you need to give an opposing idea or viewpoint. If you want to express a different point of view or contrast between ideas, you can use these linking words- even though; although; despite; in spite of; on the other hand; in comparison; nevertheless; alternatively; conversely etc.
  • Starting a conclusion: It is always encouraged to use a linking word while concluding your essay in your final paragraph. You can use words like- in conclusion; to conclude; to sum up etc. to conclude the essay and it makes it look much better.

Though using linking words is not mandatory at all while writing essays, it is always advised to use them as they not only make your writing look better, they will also help you to achieve a perfect score. Using linking words for the first time maybe hard for the PTE test takers. However, with these tips, you will be able to have an even better preparation for PTE essay writing and be sure to follow us for more important PTE updates.

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