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PTE Decision Flow Chart: Self-managed Study Plan Guide

PTE Decision Flow Chart: Self-managed Study Plan Guide

PTE Decision Flow Chart, a self-managed study plan guide powered by PTE Topic Tracker. This self-managed study plan will help you to prepare for your upcoming PTE exam properly. It has all the 20 PTE topics, step by step, how you should practice to get yourself fully ready for PTE.
If you are new to PTE, you should know that you will be needing to solve 20 PTE topics in your PTE exam. Based on your exam, the PTE system will generate scores on 4 different modules. Thus, you will be getting your PTE score.
There are 4 modules in PTE-
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing

One need to go through all the 20 PTE topics to get their desired PTE score. So, it is important to know from which part you are getting how much score. And you should set priorities according to the values of each topic.

PTE Study Centre has made a decision flow chart, which allows PTE aspirants to know if they are prepared fully for their upcoming PTE test or not. Each module is connected to some other topic as well. In our decision flow, you will also be getting the priority list of the 20 PTE topics. Then you decide to educate your self based on the topic priority step by step.

This decision flow chart works as a self-managed study plan guide. As a result, you can check yourself finally before the final exam if you are ready or not.

So, don’t waste your time searching the internet for the last minute preparation guide. Rather, you should get this study guide and evaluate yourself. Contact us now to get the PTE Decision Flow Chart now! You can also practice and evaluate yourself in our AI Portal AIWAS Plus.

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