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PTE Answer Short Question: 5 Tips for the Best Result

PTE Answer Short Question: 5 Tips for the Best Result

Even though we have marked it as having one of the lowest priorities of all the sections, Answer Short Question is a good place to score some decent marks. This section of the PTE exam contains about 10-12 short questions which you have to answer in 1-2 words only. There maybe different categories of questions but all in all, they are pretty easy to answer.

Just as easy as it may sound, many fail to have a decent score is Answer Short Question. For you, we have these 5 tips that will get you up and running in this section and help you get a decent score towards 79+.

  • Listen with care: Each of the questions have only 10 seconds to answer. So, be very careful to listen to each of the questions and understand them properly before answer.
  • Simplify your thinking: There really is no easier way to put it. Just think simply. There is no need to complicate a question by overthinking about it. The questions generally require a very simple and straightforward answer. As long as you are able to provide that, you are good to go.
  • Stay Focused: It is true that the questions are very easy to answer and takes really short amount of time to answer but do keep in mind that there are no breaks between the questions. So, keep your focus and concentrate on the highest level until you answer the last question.
  • Have a decent vocabulary: Of course, when it comes to putting down the answer, you need to be able to have the word in your mind. That is why having a decent vocabulary will help you a long way. There are tons of ways to improve your vocabulary on the internet.
  • Imagine the situation: Upon hearing the question, think about what comes into your mind. For example, if the question is related to a bedroom, you can instantly imagine a room with a bed, some pillows, a bedsheet, a dressing table and things like that. It is a really effective way to find the exact words you are looking for while reducing your chance of error.

Obviously, when you get to know about each of the sections of the PTE exam, it tends to get easier. Though Answer Short Question is an easy task, hopefully with these tips you will be able to score a bit higher and aim for the highest. With that said, be sure to follow us for more important updates.

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