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PTE AI Mock Test – Last Minute Preparation at Home

PTE AI Mock Test – Last Minute Preparation at Home

Is your PTE exam knocking at the door? Worried if you are going to do well in the exam? Well, PTE Study Centre has the perfect AI tool AIWAS Plus for you for your last minute PTE preparation at home. Using the PTE AI Mock Test in AIWAS Plus

PTE Study Centre is the first one to develop an artificial intelligent system that facilitates fully automated PTE scoring. The main purpose of AIWAS Plus technology is to provide you a training platform with instant AI based scoring with detailed feedback.

What is PTE AI Mock Test?

The PTE scored mock exam is a duplicate of the real Pearson test. These exams are designed to either forecast your outcomes or provide you a comprehensive understanding of the examination format. The system will attempt to give you a score on this mock exam in AIWAS Plus that is comparable to what you would receive on the actual exam that day.

Why PTE AI Mock Test?

  • You Will Be Familiar About The Test Format:One of the most important reasons to take a practice test before the real thing is that it gives you a taste of what the test will be like. This gives you a general notion of how much time should be spent on each component. Giving practice exams allows you to assess your speed and determine how many questions you can attempt in a certain amount of time. If you need to improve your pace to attempt all the questions on the final exam, this is helpful.
  • Know Your Weak Areas That Require More Preparations: The PTE has four sections: Speaking, Writing, Writing, and Listening. All of these aforementioned sections are tested on mock exams that you take. These practice exams will show you which subject areas require additional study time and which ones you are doing well and can pass with flying colors. It becomes simple for you to decide your next move because you are aware of how to start it as the mock tests point out your areas that need improvement.
  • Enhances Your Chance of Scoring Great Marks: Everyone is aware that perfection comes with practice. Here, the same logic applies. Your chances of getting high marks increase when you take more practice exams before the big examination. The most number of times you take mock exams, the more confident you will feel. You feel more confident about scoring well on the actual test as your score rises with each test you pass. To perform at your best on the PTE test, you really must have this confidence. You can prepare for that on our AI portal AIWAS Plus as well.
  • Get Professional Advice: When you take mock tests offered by tutoring services or on any other platform, you learn which areas still need work or improvement. You may always follow the advice of the professional if it gets more difficult for you to decide how to work on the improvements. You are prepared by taking practice exams to ask for such guidance in order to perform well on the real test. Advice from professionals points you in the appropriate direction for your preparations.
  • Saves Your Money: There is a good likelihood that you won’t do well on the final exam if you don’t take any practice exams. This is because you were unaware of the questions that would be asked and if you would be quick enough to answer them within the allotted time. As a result, you will receive lower scores and must retake the test. Now, there are strong chances that you will pass the test in one attempt if you take practice exams and focus on all the topics to earn decent scores. You can avoid paying to retake the test by doing this.

Why AIWAS Plus Mock Test?

  • Built to predict score reliably
  • Developed through years of experience to provide perfectly tailored advice
  • Ornately built speech recognizer to replicate PTE speaking scoring algorithm

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