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Master PTE Describe Image with these 5 rules

Master PTE Describe Image with these 5 rules

The easiest tasks are often a subject of mistakes as they are overlooked. Describe images is one of these tasks. It is very easy to score good scores in the describe image part of the PTE exams but most participants lack the ability to utilize this specific task. To help out with maximizing the number of scores you can get in Describe Image, we have curated 5 important rules that you should know before heading on to the PTE exam.

  • Avoid describing word-by-word: The best rule to follow is to not describe what you see on the screen word by word. In the describe image section, what you see on the screen is not important, its your sentence structure and fluency that matters. It is very challenging to create sentences in your mind as you will get stuck. It can have negative impacts on your fluency as well as your score.
  • Keep it short: Information itself is not the key of describe image, it’s also how few sentences that you use to describe them. Adding too much information is not only discouraged, but it can also have negative impacts on your confidence and your score.
  • Avoid describing everything: Almost every single one of us has made the mistake of describing all the keywords in the image but through our research, we have found out that it is best avoided. You don’t have to talk about all the things to get high marks. Just focus more on the fluency rather than trying to cover every content.
  • Use your words wisely: As the often neglected one, participants are more likely to focus on the higher priority sections. To save a bit more effort, you can have templates at close quarters to describe a process or a cycle. It will help you to have a bit more time and effort in the Describe Image section.
  • Keep an eye on the clock: You will get less than a minute for this section so it may be a bit daunting for some but given the difficulty level, it really shouldn’t be a bother. Just keep an eye on the clock and be sure to do everything in time and you will be just fine.

Though describe image is an easy task, we hope that these rules will make your PTE exam preparation way easier and help you to score the highest. Be sure to follow us and keep updated!

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