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Increase Your PTE Academic Vocabulary

Increase Your PTE Academic Vocabulary

Under the “Enabling Score” part of the PTE Academic Scorecard, there is a separate score for Vocabulary. This alone demonstrates the importance of vocabulary. If you apply a good vocabulary in questions like essay writing in the PTE Writing part, you can get good marks. A good vocabulary can aid you in a number of ways, not just in the PTE Academic! There are several strategies to expand your vocabulary, but it won’t happen overnight. You should develop a variety of behaviors that will assist you improve your PTE academic vocabulary.

Increase Your Vocabulary by Reading:

Yes, we’ll start with the most basic technique. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you to check out:

  • Newspaper: Keeps you informed about what’s going on in the world while also expanding your vocabulary. Subscribing to a reputable newspaper or e-newspaper is something you may do on a regular basis!
  • Novels: Novels are a fun method to learn new vocabulary while having fun. Reading classics is a great way to stretch oneself.
  • Dictionary: This isn’t the most traditional item to read, but if you search through a decent dictionary, you might come across some terms that interest you.

But don’t stop there; if you come across a word you believe you should know, google it, look up the definition, check the pronunciation, and jot it down in a notepad. Setting a goal can help you make it a habit. Make it a mission to find the “Word Of The Day” so that you can learn at least one new word each day.

Increase Your Vocabulary by Listening:

Reading isn’t the only way to improve your knowledge. Tune in to English-language networks, particularly English-language news channels or radio stations. Listen and observe like you normally would, and if you hear a word you haven’t heard before, write it down. In fact, boosting your vocabulary by listening to English has the added benefit of acquainting you with the pronunciation.

Some Notes:

When you come across a new word, you should-

  • Write them down
  • Search their meaning
  • Get to know how to properly pronounce them.
  • Repeat to get your pronunciation right
  • Try to use them in a sentence (written or while speaking)

You can also practice in our AI portal AIWAS Plus and improve your vocabulary.

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