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Important Tips for PTE Fill in the Blanks

Important Tips for PTE Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks is the third section of the PTE exam and in this section, you have to listen to a recording and fill in the blank boxes with words you hear. This part of the PTE assesses the reading, writing and listening skills and to many people, it sounds very intimidating.

To start it off, here are some things listed which are the reasons why you shouldn’t be intimidated by Fill in the Blanks. These are-

  • There are at max 2-3 of these exercises.
  • There is no time limit.
  • Negative marking in this section is out-of-syllabus.
  • Listening and following a transcript is much easier than one thinks.

With that out of the way, we, at the PTE Study Centre, have prepared some very important tips for you to so that you can improve on Fill in the Blanks section and prepare for the best PTE exam.

  • Set a goal to train for: do not go over 2 minutes for this type of exercise, since only one listening of the 30 to 60 seconds audio is available.
  • Even though there is no time limit for these short questions, it is still not recommended to spend too much time on them, since there is an overall time limit for the whole Listening section.
  • Utilize the 7 seconds at the start to grasp the main topic of the text and try to note down where the blanks for the missing words are.
  • Use at least half a minute to check the grammar and the tense of the words.
  • Use the provided note-board rather than directly typing the answers.
  • Try to correct your spelling despite the time remaining at the end.
  • Always check the tense, which person it is supposed to be written in and if the prepositions work with the verb.
  • Also, do keep in mind of the words you use fit within the subject and the sentence, if the nouns could be plural and how they fit with the words before and after.

Apart from all of these tips, there are some other things you can do as well to improve your skill in English. For example-

  • Begin and end your day by listening to something in English like a movie, an audiobook, or a podcast of your choice. This will help you maintain your proficiency in English over the long term.
  • Listen to the news as it is really beneficial because it covers various different topics. It is also a great tool to improve your understanding of another language accurately.

Despite of it being intimidating, following these tips will help you master the arts of Fill in the Blanks while actively helping you for a better PTE journey. Be sure to follow us for more important updates and increase your knowledge proficiency in PTE.

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