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Important Tips for PTE Essay Writing

Important Tips for PTE Essay Writing

In the Writing section of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic exam, the main method to improve your written discourse score is by writing essays. This kind of writing requires the expression of personal views, opinions and research on the given topic. In this article, we have included some helpful tips for excelling in this task and increasing your writing score. The tips for PTE Essay Writing are as below:

  • To score a maximum of 15 points on an essay, it should have a logical structure that consists of an introduction, two to three body paragraphs outlining the main points, and a conclusion.
  • You can earn 3 points for including all necessary content in your essay. To make sure that your essay adequately responds to the prompt, you must ensure that you address all of the questions presented within it. For example, if your essay topic is on the effects of law changes on human behavior, then you must explain both positive and negative outcomes within your essay.
  • The essay you are writing must be within the length of 200 to 300 words. Any essay shorter than 120 words or longer than 380 words will be given a score of zero.
  • Allocate a couple of minutes to proofreading your essay once it has been completed, within the 15-to-16-minute timeframe. Use these few minutes to review your work for any misspellings and mistakes in punctuation and grammar. This will enable you to correct any errors that you find.
  • In order to earn a perfect score for your vocabulary usage, be sure to use proper academic language in your essay. To add more flair to your work, you can incorporate some idioms. Also, never use any shortened terms, acronyms, or slang words. As an additional tip, try to avoid any repeated words and use synonyms instead. Additionally, abstain from any form of jargon.
  • The PTE exam is greatly dependent on effective time management. Prior to beginning work on the essay, it is essential to dedicate 1 to 2 minutes to comprehend the prompt and brainstorm interesting ideas that can help increase the score.
  • Essay writing requires a key element of having a proper sentence structure. Writing 6 to 7 average sentences is the most efficient way to communicate your ideas using few words. Furthermore, to make it more interesting to read, including 4 to 5 complex and compound sentences would add to the essay’s appeal.

By taking the steps mentioned above, you can steer clear of errors in your essay writing and confidently score 79 or higher in the writing section. You can also practice on our AI portal AIWAS Plus. Be sure to follow us for more important updates regarding PTE.

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