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IELTS vs PTE: Know Which English Proficiency Exam is Right for You

IELTS vs PTE: Know Which English Proficiency Exam is Right for You

Have doubts between PTE & IELTS? Let’s clear them out!

IELTS, otherwise known as International English Language Testing Standard is a test that dedicatedly checks your English language skills just like PTE or Pearson’s Test of English. Even though both of them are English proficiency tests, they have a different set of rules and formats. Here is a list of differences between IELTS and PTE to give you a better understanding of which one might be the best option for you.

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Difference between IELTS and PTE Exam

  • The biggest difference between IELTS and PTE is in the mode of the examination. IELTS is conducted in an examination hall and the scoring is also done conventionally, by humans. As for PTE, it is computer based with absolutely no human intervention at all.
  • IELTS is both a paper-based and computer based whereas PTE is strictly a computer-based.
  • Even though both PTE and IELTS are globally accepted, PTE helps migrants to reach out to more different countries very easily.
  • PTE exam is held in a single day where you have to show your skills in a broad range of sections for three hours. IELTS, on the other hand, is split into two parts which are sometimes conducted on two separate days.
  • PTE measures the skillset through a portion of the examination which covers up all English communication skills as all of the modules are related to each other. In the case of IELTS, it assesses everything separately including whether you are equally skilled in all forms of English or not.
  • PTE allows one to navigate through all the questions and correct the mistakes side by side. Each question in the PTE has a specific time allotted to it within which you have to complete it. In IELTS, however, there is no specific time allotted any sections. It is up for you to decide whether you want to skip questions and read them again.
  • PTE takes at most 5 days to publish the results, thanks to the fact that it is done through the help of computers. On the other hand, the results of IELTS are published approximately after 13 days of the examination. It takes quite a lot of time to evaluate and publish the results even for the computer-based exams.
  • IELTS’ sole purpose still seems to be migration purposes and unlike PTE, it is quite specific for everything as it doesn’t have a flexible approach. PTE, in that case, is quite broad because it is not just a migration-based examination, it also trains for the general purposes that makes you skilled for a lifetime.

PTE vs IELTS Doubts

There is no real debate whether PTE is better than IELTS or not as it is merely a decision up to you in a sense that you have to choose whichever suits in your case. Hopefully with this topic, you will have a much better understanding of IELTS and PTE that will help you to decide which one you’d prefer. Hope your doubts are cleared. Be sure to follow us and keep updated for more import topics.

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