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Ever thought of testing your basics so that you can understand if you are capable enough? PTE Study Centre is giving mock test giveaway every week for PTE candidates. Test your English Grammar and make it useful for future lessons! Get a chance to win 1 FREE Mock Test every week by PTE Study Centre! Each week, there will be 2 lucky winners who will get 1 mock test coupon completely for FREE!!!
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Fill the blanks with an appropriate word, and write your explanation with each answer in the form below:


I could hardly __________ the plane in the long distance.


  • See out
  • Make through
  • Make out

Find out the correct answer and comment below the post with your explanation behind your answer. If you get the correct answer, you will be getting the mock test giveaway by PTE Study Centre. You might be lucky enough to win 1 FREE Mock Test coupon by PTE Study Centre. This coupon will allow you to give 1 mock AI mock test in our one of a kind AI Portal AIWAS Plus.

What is PTE AI Mock Test?

The PTE scored mock test is a replica of Pearson’s actual exam. These tests are intended to either predict your results or provide you with a thorough understanding of the test structure. When you take this mock tests in AIWAS Plus, the system will try to give you a score that is close to what you would score if you took the real exam that day.

Why take this PTE AI Mock Test?

  • Designed to accurately predict score
  • Developed through years of experience of industry professionals to provide perfectly tailored advice
  • Created to replicate PTE speaking scoring algorithm to give perfect score

If you are planning to sit for the PTE exam, then now is the time. Give some time and attend our FREE AI Mock Test and you will be ready for your final exam in no time!

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