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Exam-day Checklist for a High PTE Score

Exam-day Checklist for a High PTE Score

Giving PTE exam for the first time can be quite terrifying and as it is almost a three-hours long exam, it requires a huge amount of energy and a fresh mind and despite taking all the necessary preparations, some participants still fall short right before the exam-day which is really frustrating for them. To avoid from having a stressful exam and giving your best PTE exam, we have made this “Exam-day Checklist” that you can follow and increase your chances in having a higher PTE score. Here is the checklist that we have curated just for you for the PTE exam-day.

  • Do not forget your ID card. Without your ID card, you will not be allowed to take the test. So, make sure to carry your ID card before entering the exam hall.
  • When you enter the exam hall, you will have to go through some formalities. So, try to reach the exam hall at least 30 minutes before the exam starts, which will give you ample amount of time to go through everything and give you enough time to cope with the environment. You do not want to be late during the PTE exam as it may end up make you feel stressful.
  • If you reach the exam hall early, try to do some small warm ups. You do not have to go in depth into practice as you should keep a calm mentality before the exam but slightly touching up the topics before entering the hall will help you a lot.
  • Be confident in what you have practiced so far and do not take any suggestions from other people and do not discuss any new strategies. This may lead you to lose your confidence and giving a bad exam. Go with what you’ve practice so far and you will be perfectly fine.
  • You should already have the knowledge about everything regarding the exam. However, if you have any doubts regarding anything, be sure to talk to the authorized person and be clarified.
  • Be sure to complete all the formalities with your invigilator once you enter the exam hall and check everything, including your microphones and speakers. If you find any issues with anything, be sure to inform them.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything after the exam starts, do not hesitate to raise your hand and ask the invigilators. PTE exam is highly time dependent. So, leave your hesitation behind and ask your questions.

Of course, having enough preparation is mandatory for scoring the highest in PTE exam but this checklist will ensure that you have the best preparation during the exam-day. As always, follow us for more important PTE updates.

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