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Mastering the English Language: Expert Tips for Expanding Your Vocabulary

Mastering the English Language: Expert Tips for Expanding Your Vocabulary

A strong English vocabulary demonstrates that you have a solid command of the language. Words make up a language, and the more variety you can demonstrate in those words by using them appropriately, the more you appear to be a native speaker of that language.

Similar to the PTE, which measures your English language ability, the PTE requires you to show that you have a wide vocabulary to qualify as a “very good” or “expert” user of the language. Vocabulary, the second most important aspect that might affect your score on any PTE Task, after grammar.

English Vocabulary Tips

  • Set a goal of learning 5–10 new words every day.
  • Make a list and add the ‘difficult to remember’ words
  • Observe their usage of words.
  • Read thoroughly
  • Use a dictionary (of course you should!)
  • Learn how to combine commonly used words.
  • Add the terms to your everyday vocabulary by speaking them.
  • Keep a personal journal and utilize the entries in it.
  • Utilize the new vocabulary while you practice writing essays.
  • Use an iterative process to help you recall the words.
  • Study idioms and vocabulary
  • Try to keep in mind the other words.
  • Try to opt in the native accent while correcting words.

You can also practice in our AI Portal AIWAS Plus to enhance your PTE vocabulary.

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