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Dos and Donts: PTE Read Aloud

Dos and Donts: PTE Read Aloud

PTE Read Aloud is an important task in the PTE exam and performs a major role in your overall score. Hence, it is essential that one pays close attention to the dos and don’ts of this task. In this video, we have covered some of the most overlooked do’s and don’ts of PTE Read Aloud segment to help you best prepare for the PTE exam.


  • Read with a Confident Tone: It is very important that you read with a confident tone. Make sure to take your time while reading and speak clearly and confidently.
  • Practice beforehand: Practicing the Read Aloud task before the exam is crucial. Make sure to practice pronouncing difficult words and practicing with audio and video recordings.
  • Follow the Timing: Make sure to read the given passage within the given time limit. Make sure to read every word as per the time limit but don’t rush through it.
  • Read phrases and not words: The PTE Read Aloud task is intended to test your ability to read phrases and not just words. Hence, make sure to read the passage in phrase units not word units.
  • Understand the Content: The most important thing to remember while reading aloud is to understand the content of the passage. Spend some time reading the passage thoroughly and then start reading it.


  • Don’t Hesitate: It is very important that you do not hesitate while reading the passage. Hesitating can significantly impact your overall score.
  • Don’t Rush: Make sure to not rush through the passage. It is important that you read with a moderate pace.
  • Don’t Skip words and phrases: Make sure to read every word and phrase of the passage. Do not skip words or phrases to finish the task quickly.
  • Don’t Mispronounce Words: Mispronouncing words can have a negative impact on your score. Make sure to pronounce every word correctly.
  • Don’t Use Fillers: Try to avoid using fillers while reading. Fillers such as “um” and “ah” can reduce the impact of your score.

Make sure to follow all the Dos and Donts. Follow us for more important tips and tricks.

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