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Clear Your PTE Doubts With “What if” Statements: Writing

Clear Your PTE Doubts With “What if” Statements: Writing

Through a popular demand, we have noticed that many of the participants have some general queries, usually starting with “what if.” Hence, we have this “What if series” and on this blog, we are going to focus on “Writing.”

The writing segment has some very popular questions as it can be very tedious to write for the PTE exam while checking all the boxes. Despite following all the tips and tricks, some may still end up in a tight spot. For those people, we have picked some common scenarios along with what Pearson expects from its participants and what to do when you face them.

  • What if I only select to include the first and the last sentence of the given text?

If you look at the Pearson’s marking criteria for content, you will find that in order to get the maximum score, you only need to provide the relevant aspects of the passage itself. Considering the fact that you are only choosing the first and the last sentence, what if they are not all the relevant aspects? Our suggestion would be to avoid this and find out the topic statement from the introduction and also the ending remark of the writer.

  • What if I am not able to use complex sentence structure and only write a compound sentence?

It is a very common question for the first-time test takers. The requirements for grammar for “Summarize Written Text” is to simply construct sentences that are grammatically correct while on the other hand, the grammar for essay writing for “Essay Writing” requires that we demonstrate complex sentences. It is best avoided but we found it to be negligible.

  • What if I choose not to use a premade template?

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to writing an essay. As a result, students tend to use premade templates. There is nothing mentioned whether you have to use a template or not because that is not the concern of Pearson. But what we advise as experts is to use templates for students who are not usually using templates and are struggling to complete the essay. Using a template will help you in the long run. So, our best advise is to try out using premade templates and adopt them as your own.

In conclusion, if these “What if” scenarios are not all of them, they cover most of them and be sure to follow us for more important updates regarding PTE exams.

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