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Best Strategies to Implement for PTE Re-tell Lecture

Best Strategies to Implement for PTE Re-tell Lecture

PTE Re-tell Lecture in the PTE exams are daunting for many participants, that is only if you do not have a strategy at hand. Here at Sydney PTE Study Centre, we have curated some of the best strategies to help you score the highest in the PTE Retell Lecture.

  • Listen with confidence: Always be confident when it comes to listening. The only way to be confident while listening is by having all the necessary tools at your disposal. Here are the two most important tools that you need.
    Firstly, you have to understand the different kinds of accent of the English language. Have a clear understanding of what the speaker is trying to convey regardless of their accent and you will be more than confident!
    Secondly, it is vocabulary. If you don’t know the meaning of the words the lecturer is uttering, you will automatically lose confidence. Practice vocabulary over and over again as it will surely boost your confidence.
  • Take notes effectively: Taking notes effectively can be a painstaking task for most especially because many don’t know what to write. The sheer amount of information that are being conveyed is the reason why many people lag behind in this department. The best tips we can give you is to use only the words that tell a story. Make sure to note down the important keywords when the lecturer is speaking and use them in the retelling part to the best of your abilities.
  • Reconstruct for retelling: As you have done everything above, now it is time for retelling. Construct from the notes for retelling in the form of 4-5 short paragraphs which then need to be delivered. Be sure to deliver them fluently while keeping your pronunciation clear and perfect. If you have any issues pronouncing some certain words, prevent using them. Deliver your Retell Lecture with confidence and you will surely score the highest!

Hopefully, with these tips, the Retell Lecture section will be a bit less daunting for you. As always, be sure to keep on practicing and follow us at the Sydney PTE Study Centre for more important updates. You can also try out our one of a kind AI Portal AIWAS Plus and practice for your PTE exam ahead.

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