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AI Study Guide by AIWAS Plus

AI Study Guide by AIWAS Plus

AIWAS Plus by PTE Study Centre is an artificial intelligence platform that facilitates fully automated PTE scoring for the fastest PTE preparation. Get yourself our AI-based personal trainer for your upcoming PTE exam. You don’t have to visit any campus or take face-to-face consultations. Our AI platform is designed in such a way so that in the absence of a human PTE trainer, you get what you would expect from an expert trainer.
AIWAS PLUS by PTE Study Centre

What is AI Study Guide?

This proprietary AI platform is designed to generate a roadmap for PTE candidates that is fully tailored to their individual language traits and skills.
AI Study Guide

Why AI Study Guide is needed?

  • Prepare effectively and efficiently
  • AI-generated smart preparation roadmap
  • Achieve PTE success easily and fast

How it works?

It is generated based on preparation level and time left for the next exam. One should complete all the steps one by one.
  • Firstly, attend Diagnostic Test
  • Secondly, analyze your PTE Score report using AIWAS
  • Thirdly, practice all Priority Level 1 questions
  • Fourthly, practice remaining AI Exam Prediction questions
  • Fifthly, practice remaining Priority Level 2 questions
  • Finally, Practice remaining Priority Level 3 questions

Why it is helpful?

  • Makes your PTE preparation the most efficient
  • Updates your plan as you work through the platform and improve
  • Works as your personal PTE guide
  • Generates an intelligent study plan around your scheduled test
So, get your UNLIMITED FREE AIWAS Plus now and prepare for your upcoming PTE exam!
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