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5 Myths About PTE

5 Myths About PTE

There are certain myths about PTE that misleads PTE test takers. Due to these myths, some PTE aspirants think that it might affect their score.

5 Myths to Avoid

    • Backspace affects Your PTE Score: Few candidates claimed that using backspace had a negative impact on their writing score. However, they must accept that the score may have been low due to misspellings and other minor errors.  The use of backspace has nothing to do with your grade. It has no bearing on your PTE score in any way.

    • Use Different Accent to Score Better: PTE Academic exam doesn’t assess your score depending on the variety of accent you use. Try to maintain natural tone and keep the pace average. PTE experts also suggests not to use any fake accents during the test.

    • Skipping a Few Tasks are Normal: Some say that skipping a few PTE tasks are normal if you are running out of time. Remember the PTE Test Format before implementing or even believing this fallacy. The PTE Tasks are created in such a way that the score from one task has an impact on the score of one or more sections. When you skip it, you lose the marks it carries for both Listening and the Writing section.
      Don’t even consider skipping a task. Instead, concentrate on understanding PTE Tips & Tricks, which will assist you in learning how to manage your time throughout the PTE Exam. It is preferable to use them during the PTE Preparation period.

    • Avoiding Difficult Words in Read Aloud: A common misconception regarding Read Aloud is that you should avoid saying difficult-to-pronounce words because you can make a mistake in pronunciation.
      However, if you believe this, you are overlooking the fact that the read-aloud activity assesses your Oral Fluency while simultaneously providing you with a content score. If you try to avoid the difficult terms, you may not be able to convey the correct idea and may miss out on important keywords.

    • Choosing Multiple Answers Means Choose All Answers: According to this myth, if you’re not sure which option to select when answering a multiple-choice question, take the option with the most answers. Select all the choices available.
      However, selecting the erroneous options will have an impact on your grade, as this exercise includes negative marking for incorrect answers. If you’re not sure about something, it’s best to leave it blank.

If a PTE aspirant believes in these myths, he or she may be at risk. Because of their lack of experience and understanding, first-time exam takers are especially vulnerable to these tricks. To avoid this, you should seek professional advice to help you differentiate between fact and myth. Having an expert as a mentor will assist you in learning a variety of PTE Tips & Tricks that will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your target score.

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