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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your PTE Exam

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your PTE Exam

PTE candidates wonder why they have low score in their PTE exam even after trying so hard. We noticed that the PTE candidates make the same mistakes over and over again. If you understand some of the most common PTE mistakes, you can use your awareness to actively avoid making them.

10 Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Studying without a Plan
    Preparing for the PTE exam without a study plan is one of the core reasons of getting low scores. Some PTE applicants just keep taking practice tests again and again and think that this will be enough to improve their PTE score. Thus, you will be repeating the same mistakes over and over without improving anything. While preparing for the PTE you have to have a proper study plan. For that, you will be needing professionals help.
  • Fast is not Always Fluent
    Some test takers are confused about the speed for fluency, and they go all in, trying to speak too fast. This affects the fluency scores adversely. When you speak too fast, fluency and clarity suffers. Try to follow a normal speed and try to maintain it throughout the whole speaking section.
  • Use of Filler Sounds
    While thinking, candidates often tend to make filler sounds like ‘aah’, ‘Uhm’, etc. This impacts your speaking score. You can avoid this by preparing templates for speaking.
  • Overuse of the Preposition “About”
    Maximum number of test takers makes this mistake. They use the word “about” too many times after verbs. Due to this mistake, test takers lose marks in the exam.
  • Don’t Make False Starts, Repetitions, and Hesitations
    Making false starts impacts your Speaking score negatively. Repeating words, hesitating to say, should also be avoided. Regular practice is the best solution to avoid this mistake.
  • Don’t Pause for Too Long
    Staying silent for too long will result in low marking. If you are silent for 3 seconds in the PTE Speaking Module, then the microphone automatically goes off. Even if you speak after that, your voice won’t be recorded. Make sure to keep this in mind while answering the speaking section.
  • Write Only a Single Sentence in PTE Summarize Written Text task
    Many candidates lose marks by writing multiple sentences in the PTE Summarize Written Text task. You should write only a single sentence that starts with a capital letter and ends with one full stop.
  • Writing without knowing the word limit
    Write only within the word limits.  Specially in essay writing, stick to writing around  200–300 words.
  • Avoid using informal language
    Don’t use informal languages. The casual, informal language are not accepted in the PTE exam. Try to maintain professional and academic language pattern.
  • Don’t Speak in Breaks
    Avoid using the ‘stopping and starting’ mode of speaking. PTE exam module expects you to complete each sentence while speaking. So organize your thoughts and ideas before speaking your responses.

10 Mistakes to Avoid Youtube

If you can avoid these mistakes, you are guaranteed to get good scores in your PTE exam. You can also go through the Do’s and Don’ts of a PTE exam. You can also practice in our AI Portal AIWAS Plus!

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