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SUMMARIZE SPOKEN TEXT: Secrets Unveiled to Score 90 in PTE Listening & Writing


From the past few months, it has been analyzed that many students are scoring well in other sections apart from the Listening section. As we all know that, to get 79+ in Listening section, you need to well in certain questions in PTE: Write From Dictation, Summarize Spoken Text, Repeat Sentence, Retell Lecture, and Listening Fill in the Blanks.
We need to understand that most of the students lose marks in the Listening section is because along with your language skills you are also tested upon certain aptitude skills. And the diversity of listening prompts due to unfamiliarity with the accent, the varied speed of the speaker’s tone and background music, in some instances, adds up to the complexity.
So, today I will detail, the easiest and effective method that has helped me and many of our students to score 90 in PTE Listening & Writing!
Let’s kick start our discussion on one such topic that is crucial to boosting your Listening & Writing scores:
An audio of length 60-90 secs is played, one needs to summarize the key content of the lecture and write a summary within 50-70 words.
Number of questions: 2-3
Time Allocated: 10 minutes for each summary (including the audio prompt)

Score Guideline

Score Guide Line

Most of the students face difficulty in capturing the content and some students skip the content as they cannot recollect what context it had been used.

  • Understanding the basic concepts of content. Content always is going to be Nouns, Verbs, and Noun phrases.
  • Capture all the content as it is.
  • Prioritize the content based on repetitions, exclude examples. It is also seen that bigger words (that are moderately difficult to spell) are most of the times the right content.
  • While structuring the summary, one should prioritize the content over context. Until one is grammatically correct, the computer will give one the best score as it cannot comprehend the context.
Note Taking Strategy
  • While taking down notes for Summarize Spoken Text, it is important that one takes notes in an organized manner as it would help one to prioritize the content appropriately.
  • When one takes the notes as bullet points, it becomes very difficult for a person to distinguish between Auxiliary content and main content. One needs to know that you are marked only for your main content and not your auxiliary content.
  • Any keywords that satisfy the REPM criteria is always the main content. For example, R stands for Repetitions. If any keyword is repeated multiple times in audio, it is always going to be the Main content.
  • I have designed a new way to take notes, that will ensure that you get 79+ in the Listening & Writing Sections. It is called the “THE MAGIC QUADRANT FOR SST”. Please find it below:
    Note Taking Strategies

Demonstration of My Notes
An actual 79+ summary for “University Competition” is provided below:
Different aspects of competition that a university like LSE faces have been significantly outlined in this lecture where it is mentioned that the university is looking for the best students globally. Moreover, staff and funding are other competitive factors involved which are largely dependent on a number of universities in English-speaking countries and the assessment based on academic research respectively. Likewise, universities also compete for research contracts and philanthropic initiatives.
This summary can be written prioritizing the content but not considering the context. It will still provide the best score:
Information regarding university competition in LSE has been outlined in the discourse where the emphasis is based on the fact that how universities are in competition for best students and staff globally. This has been triggered due to the fact that competition is fierce in English speaking countries, moreover, they also want government funding, research contract, and philanthropic pound. It also elaborated about vice chancellor.
So you see here I might have missed the context, but capturing the content in the appropriate way would still allow me to score 90 in Listening & Writing sections.
So book your consultations ASAP to learn more about REPM methods to capture the appropriate content for SST.
Happy Practicing…!!!!