It’s our immense pleasure to inform you that we are going to arrange FREE PTE Mock Test under the same Pearson exam environment and process. Yes, you have heard it right, we have developed our new lab which is quite similar to Pearson PTE Test Centre. Students will be given erasable notebooks and markers for taking notes like PTE test. We are using the same headphones as PTE test centre does so that you can solve your speaking problem by attending FREE Mock Test. As we are using Artificial Intelligence to assess your papers, there is a higher chance that you will find your weak areas, and concentrate more on those sections. Furthermore, our experts will also provide you support classes by providing the solution and feedback of your Mock Test. This support session must help you be confident for your final PTE test by giving the best pathways for getting your desired scores in PTE within one month.

How much it is important to sit for the Mock Test!

We are always collecting exam questions and we have developed our PTE exam question banks. So, we have used all recent PTE exam questions to make our all mock tests. Hence, it’s true that any student who will sit for the Mock Test must get some questions common in their PTE test as we are updating our mock test with real exam questions every week.

To register for the FREE Mock Test, just type “PTE Mock Test” on our FB messenger or send a text message at 0415 417 757

For more info, call us now @ 0415 417 757

πŸ’‘ PTE Success Stories in February (At a Glance)

19 students got 90 | 92 students got 79 plus | 68 students got 65 plus

How to get 79 in PTE is the most common question nowadays. To get 79, even 90 in PTE, there is no alternative sitting for PTE Mock Test regularly. We know that PTE is rather a technical exam, and we need to practice a lot to do better in PTE.

Have you ever though why most of our students get their PTE score? The answer is very straightforward & simple as we provide our students more Mock Tests developed with Real Exam Questions & also help them provide feedback with better explanation and exam cracking techniques. We do guarantee that if any students sit for at least 3 mock tests and take one-week support class, s/he must get their desired scores in PTE.

So, if you want to get one Mock Test free and also desire to sit our PTE Trainers for feedback & consultation, you need to follow the following steps. If you have firm determination, we must help you get 79 in PTE!Β  it’s our PROMISE.